Expectation over Perfection

Perfection! Ah the glorious thought. The Perfect Tree. The Perfect Gift. The Perfect Movie. The Perfect Store. The above are just a few of the things that we say and think around Christmas. Less often said, but certainly in the forefront of many of our minds is whether or not we will be The PerfectContinue reading “Expectation over Perfection”

A Thanksgiving Exercise

Last night in a conversation with my teacher daughter (Wow! Age slips on by) we discussed some exercises in thankfulness. I was reminded that the official proclamation for the US to designate and celebrate Thanksgiving Day as a national holiday came during the Civil War. In a time of great loss and suffering there areContinue reading “A Thanksgiving Exercise”

A Sunday Prayer

Almighty God; you are holy. You are separate, apart from us. You are not tainted by our self-centeredness, our self-promotion, and our self-amusement. Yet, you seek us. You seek to join yourself to us. As we gather today it is our acknowledgement that we need your presence and your provision. You want and walked inContinue reading “A Sunday Prayer”

Jesus’ Faith

Luke 4:1-13, James 2:18-19 God is present. God is enough. For just a few moments let’s consider both of those phrases as we think of Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness. In Matthew 4, Mark 1, and Luke 4, we are told of Jesus going to the wilderness alone following his baptism by John. At theContinue reading “Jesus’ Faith”

Let it Fall: A Prayer

Over the last few years my understanding of prayer has grown and I want to share a quick thought. A piece, you will, of my understanding. Having grown up a Baptist I had only primarily been exposed to spontaneity in prayer or extemporaneous prayer. Unrehearsed, off the top of the head, or from the bottomContinue reading “Let it Fall: A Prayer”

Emotions in Prayer – Continuing through Psalms

David is certainly an emotional man. He is called a great Warrior King. In fact, he is said to be the greatest of Israel’s warriors. A man who hid from Saul in a cave and then was convicted because he touched the robe of a king, he later snuck into Saul’s camp and stole hisContinue reading “Emotions in Prayer – Continuing through Psalms”

More, Thoughts on Prayer

Last spring, Christy and I made a trip to Asheville, North Carolina. Our intent was to visit the Biltmore House and enjoy a few days to ourselves. Both were accomplished and the evening before we returned home I began to prepare for our trip home.  I love driving through the mountains, Christy not so much.Continue reading “More, Thoughts on Prayer”

Thoughts on prayer

Encouragement in prayer Untutored, we tend to think that prayer is what good people do when they are doing their best. It is not. Inexperienced, we suppose that there must be an “insider” language that must be acquired before God takes us seriously in prayer. There is not. Prayer is elemental, not advanced, language. ItContinue reading “Thoughts on prayer”

Picture book, anyone?

At some point in their life all of our children have loved books. Lilah, our youngest, is no exception and may love them more than any of our other children have at this point in their lives. I was reminded of her love for books while driving in the car with her yesterday and IContinue reading “Picture book, anyone?”