A Sunday Prayer

Almighty God; you are holy.

You are separate, apart from us. You are not tainted by our self-centeredness, our self-promotion, and our self-amusement.

Yet, you seek us. You seek to join yourself to us.

As we gather today it is our acknowledgement that we need your presence and your provision.

You want and walked in the garden with Adam. You have promised through Jesus and your Spirit to walk with us as well.

Father, I often get distracted by myself and speak of my desire to do good or great things. I do this many times from the focus of myself and my abilities and desires. Father, you have told us to pray for Your Kingdom to come.

So today I pray for your kingdom.

  • Where those who have been discarded in the ditches of life are welcomed and fed.
  • Where those who mourn are comforted.

Forgive us Father.

We seek to forgive others.

Through Jesus we come.

Published by Daniel M Harding

Husband, father, associate pastor.

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