Picture book, anyone?

At some point in their life all of our children have loved books. Lilah, our youngest, is no exception and may love them more than any of our other children have at this point in their lives. I was reminded of her love for books while driving in the car with her yesterday and I... Continue Reading →

The Sleep Denyer

Are you a little sleepy? Do your eyes refuse to stay open? Want to sleep, but can't? Maybe you have  a test you need to study for, a book report you need to finish, or you have one of those last-minute school projects that the kids are "doing" and you are simply "observing." Tired of coffee?... Continue Reading →

Dear Lilah,

Dear Lilah Laine, I love you. That certainly goes without saying but in case you become angry at the tone of this letter I must state this at the beginning. I have loved you since before you were born and that night/morning in the hospital simply was the fruition of the love that I have... Continue Reading →

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