Questions are what we ask.

Faith, hope, and love are what we seek to embody.

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All Things New

 ‘He makes all things new’ Perhaps you’ve heard those lyrics sung. Or maybe you have even sang them yourselves. Words like that can – and should – evoke a lot of emotions. It’s a large claim. In fact, depending on what you are experiencing at the time it feels a like a really big ask.Continue reading “All Things New”


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a prophet is formed in all of the small decisions that make it about self or about others     

Daniel Harding

Jesus Calls Us to Faith | This Requires Rejecting Complacency danielmharding's podcast

Jesus tells his disciples that the widow with two pennies has outgiven every one at the temple. They respond by pointing out the grandness of the building that the wealthy had built. Jesus responds by pointing out that one day the building will be gone and their faith will be their only reality.
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