Questions are what we ask.

Faith, hope, and love are what we seek to embody.

A Thanksgiving Exercise

Last night in a conversation with my teacher daughter (Wow! Age slips on by) we discussed some exercises in thankfulness. I was reminded that the official proclamation for the US to … Continue reading

a prophet is formed in all of the small decisions that make it about self or about others

A Public Introduction by a Prophet #thecomingandpresentkingdom danielmharding's podcast

When Jesus steps out he encounters John, already busy pointing people to their need to embrace the power of God in their daily lives. John's public meeting with Jesus ends with him pointing to others that He, Jesus, is the One they should be following. 
  1. A Public Introduction by a Prophet #thecomingandpresentkingdom
  2. The Supernatural Collision with People #thecomingandpresentkingdom
  3. Encounters and Explanations | The Coming and Present Kingdom Lesson 1
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