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Psalm 1

Praying the Psalms | Letting the Psalms Pray You In my adult life I’ve been advised on more than one occasion to ‘Pray the Psalms’. Usually there was no further instruction, and as I usually have quite a few questions I found myself flummoxed by this. Some of these same folks would also advise thatContinue reading “Psalm 1”

Let’s Talk

To my kids first; I expect you to be the more giving person. You’ve seen so much, you care so much, and you are capable of so much in your life. Do not spend your early adulthood nursing resentment and anger towards your grownups for their refusal or inability to see things from your perspective.Continue reading “Let’s Talk”

Today’s Carol

This should have originally posted on Sunday, December 20. The song, O Holy Night, has at its birth one of the unique stories of Christmas. Originally a French hymn it was written to celebrate the renovation of an organ. The poem was written by a man who claimed to be an atheist, Placide Cappeau, aContinue reading “Today’s Carol”


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a prophet is formed in all of the small decisions that make it about self or about others     

Daniel Harding

Jesus Calls Us to Faith | This Requires Rejecting Complacency danielmharding's podcast

Jesus tells his disciples that the widow with two pennies has outgiven every one at the temple. They respond by pointing out the grandness of the building that the wealthy had built. Jesus responds by pointing out that one day the building will be gone and their faith will be their only reality.
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