Time and Introspection

  Monday for our family this week was grocery shopping day. Christy and I met up at Kroger during our lunch break to fill a cart to help keep our children fed. As is normally the case, when I put the groceries away I found opened boxes of different items that had been abandoned overContinue reading “Time and Introspection”

Jesus’ Works: Do we understand the mind of Christ?

Jesus’ Works In this week’s lesson on the life of Jesus we will turn our attention away from the action particulars of the works which he performed to look instead at the desire and motivation behind the works. Too often as Christians we find ourselves wanting to focus on the acts of Jesus instead ofContinue reading “Jesus’ Works: Do we understand the mind of Christ?”

Our children’s soul for popularity?

How much will we as parents end up costing our children? I ask this in all seriousness and many of these thoughts are my own reflections on my relationship with my children and my Heavenly Father. If we as Christian parents are willing to sell our children to the world for a few fleeting momentsContinue reading “Our children’s soul for popularity?”