A Daily Christmas

In just a few short days Christmas, the day, the holiday, will be here. Gifts will be open and discarded. Items will be broken, unwanted, and returned. We will discuss Christmas ‘being over’ and comment on whether or not we should sing carols in church this Sunday.

Christmas as the celebration of Jesus’ coming to earth is just getting started. The celebration of his ongoing presence, his desire to have a relationship with us, and his service to others is just the beginning. The expectation of Christmas can fill our hearts and inspire us year round.

It is my prayer that in the hustle of this time of year that you have been reminded that gifts are wonderful, but God has come to live with man. I pray that you will experience happiness, bit more than momentary happiness that you will Wake each day with the sense of Gods abiding and presence.

I pray that as gifts are given and received that a sense of wonder – a realization that God is at work – would begin to slip into your life and as December 25 comes and goes that the wonder of each day would seem like it’s Christmas has come to stay.

Published by Daniel M Harding

Husband, father, associate pastor.

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