Lessons From A Football Game: Acting Like a Coach

Lessons from a football game Part 1: Acting Like a Coach Most of the times when I write it is because something about a particular situation has caused me to think. It is my sincere desire that I not necessarily pass judgment, there are many more qualified than I to do such, but rather thatContinue reading “Lessons From A Football Game: Acting Like a Coach”

Who Wants It?

This is my obligatory Georgia Florida post for the year. I must admit that for whatever reason the luster of this game just doesn’t quite appeal to me this year as it has in the past. As a Georgia fan it was easy to draw the ire of the Florida afflicted with a few jabsContinue reading “Who Wants It?”

Why Forwarding – or Reposting – doesn’t work

In light of the appearance of Jeremiah Seepek I thought I would repost this. Friends, Jesus is the hero of the Bible, in fact He is the center of time and history. If you believe in Him there is no need for these stories. It’s true, it might be true, I don’t think it’s true,Continue reading “Why Forwarding – or Reposting – doesn’t work”

Football is here!!

Since college football starts this week AND due to the fact that I will be making a foray back into the land of Excuseville (as Central Florida will soon be known absent Spurrier, Meyer, and Tebow) I thought to help folks remember the true spirit of football I would put up an old post. ManyContinue reading “Football is here!!”

Our children’s soul for popularity?

How much will we as parents end up costing our children? I ask this in all seriousness and many of these thoughts are my own reflections on my relationship with my children and my Heavenly Father. If we as Christian parents are willing to sell our children to the world for a few fleeting momentsContinue reading “Our children’s soul for popularity?”