Who Wants It?

This is my obligatory Georgia Florida post for the year. I must admit that for whatever reason the luster of this game just doesn’t quite appeal to me this year as it has in the past. As a Georgia fan it was easy to draw the ire of the Florida afflicted with a few jabs at Tebow or Urban. This year is different because even the Florida fans aren’t quite sure about their new coach; at least to the point that they are ready to vehemently defend him. As for Georgia fans too many of them desire for their coach to be gone and many of them probably wouldn’t mind losing this game if it meant that Mark Richt would be out at the end of the year.

Therefore I have decided to look at the reasons that a fan from each team would want their team to lose. I understand that generally this is not the case but this year seems to be a special situation. (Please disregard the word special it has a tendency to confuse Florida fans)

5 Reasons Florida fans hope they lose

#5   They don’t want to face LSU or Alabama again. With a combined loss of 79 – 21 the Gators are a little weary of any team not in the Eastern time zone.

#4  They are already wondering if their new coach, Will Muschamp, is not really Ron Zook on steroids. Watch the rage there, Willy, it’s a dead giveaway. For those who have forgotten Zook never defeated a ranked team in the Wetlands of G-ville.

#3  Deep in their hearts every Florida fan wants to see Muschamp’s meltdown if Georgia reenacts the scene from 2007. Urban spent a year preparing his revenge, and Florida fans would see this as a great way to gauge Mr. Muschamp.

#2  The true Florida fans who understand the tradition and lore of SEC football do not want to see the SEC East represented by a man wearing clown pants or a clown wearing a blue shirt.

#1  A true Florida fan wouldn’t mind losing in a down year in hopes that it would help Mark Richt keep his job. Seriously, Mark’s records at Georgia are spectacular but his record against Florida is a measly 2 – 8.

5 Reasons Georgia fans hope they lose

#5  They really just don’t want to hear Florida fans whine. A Florida fan that loses is a cross between a Miami Hurricane fan (belligerent, arrogant, and wanting to fight) and a Tennessee Volunteer fan (tears, tears, remembrances of past years, Smokey, and more tears).

#4  Georgia fans are supremely excited about the possibility of Ron Zook 2 hanging around for a while. Keeping Zook 2 around has to be worth throwing a game, right? This is especially true if you take in the record over the last two decades.

#3  It would be supremely amusing to watch Nick Saban or Les Miles attempt to score 70 points against the Gators in the SEC championship.

#2  Maybe this would inspire Georgia to end the series being played at Florida Field b. 

#1  Maybe this would end the Mark Richt era at Georgia. I hear, and feel the pain of Georgia fans who feel as if nothing good is happening but I personally do not want to see Richt go. Does he need to fire an assistant or two? Sure, and I would feel no pain if he sent Bobbo and Grantham to the circus to practice their mime show. However, the quality of the coach that Georgia has cannot be equaled by the vast majority of coaches that are coaching college football.

As for me, well, if Florida loses then it has been a good day.

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