Lessons From A Football Game: Acting Like a Coach

Lessons from a football game Part 1: Acting Like a Coach Most of the times when I write it is because something about a particular situation has caused me to think. It is my sincere desire that I not necessarily pass judgment, there are many more qualified than I to do such, but rather thatContinue reading “Lessons From A Football Game: Acting Like a Coach”

Who Wants It?

This is my obligatory Georgia Florida post for the year. I must admit that for whatever reason the luster of this game just doesn’t quite appeal to me this year as it has in the past. As a Georgia fan it was easy to draw the ire of the Florida afflicted with a few jabsContinue reading “Who Wants It?”

Football is here!!

Since college football starts this week AND due to the fact that I will be making a foray back into the land of Excuseville (as Central Florida will soon be known absent Spurrier, Meyer, and Tebow) I thought to help folks remember the true spirit of football I would put up an old post. ManyContinue reading “Football is here!!”