A Few Thoughts on Activism

A Few Thoughts on Activism   What does Scripture say?             I am an individual who is very guilty of reacting and then researching whether I reacted correctly at a later date. As a believer, who is indwelt by the Spirit of God, I believe that to not always be sinful behavior. At times itContinue reading “A Few Thoughts on Activism”

The Inconvenience of Truth

Truth can be such an inconvenient thing. It certainly has been in my life, especially when I have avoided it or sought to manipulate it into something that is not true. James wrote concerning a mouth that both blesses and curses that “these things should not be so.” (James 3) This certainly should be theContinue reading “The Inconvenience of Truth”

What happens when the crowd (and our emotions) get involved

What happens when the crowd gets involved? Several years ago I read a book by Frank Peretti titled, The Visitation. Quite honestly it challenged my thinking in a way that still resonates. Every writer hopes that someone will agree with their perspective or accept the possibility that their viewpoint may be correct and I mustContinue reading “What happens when the crowd (and our emotions) get involved”

Socialism, smartphones, and the circus

WARNING: If you are sensitive regarding your current financial condition you may not want to read this. Our family is not financially wealthy in any way. We also don’t see that changing anytime soon unless this Amway thing works out. Therefore the issue that I talk about here is one in which I have hadContinue reading “Socialism, smartphones, and the circus”

Why Forwarding – or Reposting – doesn’t work

In light of the appearance of Jeremiah Seepek I thought I would repost this. Friends, Jesus is the hero of the Bible, in fact He is the center of time and history. If you believe in Him there is no need for these stories. It’s true, it might be true, I don’t think it’s true,Continue reading “Why Forwarding – or Reposting – doesn’t work”

Fasting, Legalism, & Grapes.

A lack of relationship with God leads to legalism to lend some feeling to our “Christian” lives. In 1 Samuel 14 we follow the story of Saul as he finds himself needing to prepare for battle with the Philistines. Saul finds himself needing to create an experience and issues a decree that the Israelites shouldContinue reading “Fasting, Legalism, & Grapes.”

Principles vs. Particulars

Principles vs. Particulars  Explanation  Particulars:     specific rules governing every area of our life. These rules are to bless and guide us spiritually. Also, they are to make us more spiritual people.  Principles:       guidelines given to us by the Word of God and administered in our life by the Holy Spirit. Once again they are toContinue reading “Principles vs. Particulars”