Don’t Shoot The Jukebox

Bubba shot the jukebox last night,

Said it played a sad song that made him cry.

Went to his truck and got his .45

Bubba shot the jukebox last night.

Shooting Jukeboxes

I would say that in my life I have shot a few jukeboxes. A few messengers, if you will. Moments in my life when I was confronted with the realities of a situation that the jukebox exacerbated by it’s plaintive mournings, or disconsolate jiving.

Much like Bubba though, I find that the momentary relief from shooting the jukebox does very little to mitigate the future consequences. A jukebox could be seen as anything that makes us think of a particular person, place, or thing; a noun, so to speak. The noise/words of the “jukebox” take us to a particular place. Unfortunately for many jukeboxes they probably never know why they were shot.

Jukeboxes I’ve Shot

This may bother some, but I have certainly lashed out at my children when their behavior has brought to my mind some of my own shortcomings and failure in behavior. We are in our second week of summer and I am strongly pushing my children to accomplish something this summer that will be a continued blessing in their life. I have to admit that some of my own frustrations with their lack of motivation may be frustrations with my own lack of motivation at times.

I would certainly be remiss if I did not point out that often in our spouses we become annoyed by the same behavior that we perpetuate. Too much info for you to hear from a pastor? Sorry, but I wasn’t called to act like I’m perfect, although at times it is certainly the easier alternative.

I’m sure that we can all think of random jukeboxes that we’ve shot. The cashier who is sllooooowww at the convenience store, although we are the ones who pressed the snooze button five times that morning. The friend who points out a small inconsistency or annoyance in your behavior and we reward them with a week’s worth of ignoring.

Should Jukeboxes Be Shot – Ever

No. What if the jukebox is playing a country song about a dog, a woman, a truck and the other prerequisites for being a country song? Still, no. To a large degree the jukebox is not the problem. Certainly some jukeboxes bring their own playlist to the table but still, it’s just a jukebox. The problem is the emotions that the jukebox conjures up. Anger, Annoyance, and Antipathy, are just a quick Alliteration of what the real problem is – Me.

You see, Bubba simply shot the jukebox because of the emotion that it stirred up in him. Folks, if we go around destroying all of the things that bring up a negative emotion we will simply go around destroying our lives. And the real truth is, that if everyone where to behave in the way I just noted, then some of us had better be ducking, before we are shot.

What’s Playing On The Jukebox Of Your Life?

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Husband, father, associate pastor.

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