Muddy thoughts

I don’t like explaining myself. In fact, I imagine that very few people do. However, if one wants to write and have their writings read publicly you are forced with a decision; the splatter method or the artistic method.

I must confess that I have often participated in the splatter method while giving very little thought to the end results. The splatter method is when I find myself pointing out faults and/or issues that should be addressed without adding some personal accountability. Since the majority of what I choose to publicly write on deals with religious subjects this has caused me no small amount of trouble. I have often been accused of being opposed to believers in Christ, antagonist towards those who seek to do good, and a myriad of other claims of which I have no desire to repeat. For this reason I stopped writing for a period of time. Let’s face it, if a pastor is accused of attacking other believers and opposing good then those are charges that should be considered carefully.

I realize now that in my writing that I took the easy way, the splatter method. In other words I simply threw out what I knew were truths and really just let them land where they may. I didn’t personalize each and every article. For me this was hasty and incorrect because almost every thing that I have ever written has come from a personal conviction of my behavior and how I personally have responded to people and situations. Sure, it is easy to point out problems in the world, and I can see how some may have felt that was my purpose.

My intent will be to take the artistic approach from this point forward. In doing this I will attempt to explain – if I feel the sensitivity of the subject warrants such – what has happened in my personal life that has brought out my thoughts. My intent will be to explain what has caused me to think and behave in a certain way. No blame will be immediately attributed to others, although I will not hesitate to assign blame if I feel the need warrants it. In essence, some may read the post and shake their heads, but, like a painting that doesn’t make much initial sense they will at least understand that it was done by another human who was attempting to articulate a truth or measure of a truth.

This is not a call to put my articles above reproach. I am human and subject to error. Criticism is valid, necessary, and welcome. So, when I get around to writing again some of you will have something to do with those 5 minutes waiting on your McD’s burger. (by the way, McD’s has got me thinking)

Published by Daniel M Harding

Husband, father, associate pastor.

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