Time Marches On | God Is Present

Matthew and Luke include Jesus family history in their opening chapters. They are different and give us a clue as to the approach and focus of each of the authors. They are long. 77 generations are mentioned in Luke and 42 are given in Matthew.

When I graduated from high school Tracy Lawrence was filling the air waves with Bobby Braddocks song, Time Marches On. While country music may not have been on your radar at that time, this was me of the most popular songs of the day and was on the radio (the only thing streaming back then was water) constantly.

One of the lyrics that still drums through my mind on occasion is this;

The South moves north, the North moves south
A star is born, a star burns out
The only thing that stays the same is
Everything changes, everything changes

A star is born, a star burns out. This was the bitter truth for the Jewish people. They had their moments. Their brief periods were men like Samson made their enemies worry and fear. Longer periods when David and Solomon seemed to be leading to a great dynasty and yet as Lawrence sang, everything changes.

What I often miss, and it seems from Jesus teaching that many of the Jews missed, is that those predecessors were simply to be a picture of what was to come. You see, as time had marched on Gods presence had been among his people. Always there. Revealing itself in Samson’s power that could not be restrained, David’s care for others, and Solomons wisdom and knowledge.

God was always present. Is always present. Before. Then. Now. The baby coming to dwell with man is the ultimate reality of Gods love for men and women and his desire to dwell with them.

Time marches on. Let’s embrace the place where we live in Gods wonderful world.

Published by Daniel M Harding

Husband, father, associate pastor.

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