A Regular Day

It’s Christmastime and surely it seems that everyone is doing something. At the very least, most appear to be doing something more than you are currently doing. And, they are all smiling in the pictures that they are sharing of all their events.

As we move forward and begin to look at some of the individuals who were present or played a role in Jesus’ birth and his early life, let me remind you of something: their interaction with the King of heaven and earth happened on what probably seemed to them to just be a regular day.

Yes, Zachariah was serving in the temple, but he never expected to encounter an angel in there.

We don’t know what Mary was doing or where exactly Mary was, but I would assume that she was going about her regular daily life, and then she met an angel.

Yes, the wisemen were looking for signs, but they had look for signs on multiple multiple multiple days before and seen nothing.

The shepherds were out in the fields because that is what their seasons and their jobs dictated for them and yet they met a host of heavenly angels that directed them to meet a precious child.

What are you doing today? Working at your job. Caring for your family. Sitting at home and wishing for more. Get ready.

The King has come.

Published by Daniel M Harding

Husband, father, associate pastor.

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