Old Cowboys and The Kingdom to Come

One more day. One. More. Day. ONE. MORE. DAY. Believe it or not, tomorrow marks the last day of 2015. It’s kind of amusing but the memory I have right now is of Y2K and the fear that Armageddon would be heralded by computers that would revert to double aught (00). How these past 15 years have flown.
When we consider the changes that have been made in our lifetimes it is easy to become astounded by the things that we have seen and the realities that we now take for granted. At times like this it is easy to become nostalgic and dream of the “good ole days.” You know, back when folks built things better, behaved better, and all in all things were “better.” I admit that I’m usually not that nostalgic so it may be easy to dismiss my thoughts here and give me a label that will allow you to send me to the proverbial corner.
But if I could just have a moment of your time I would like to ask you how that phone that weighs only a few ounces, surfs the web at lightning speeds, and stores pictures by the bushels, would look if it had been built like things were built in the 70’s, 60’s, 40’s or whatever your preferred decade is? Just a hint, you wouldn’t be holding it in your hand and if such a thing existed the heat such a device generated would make this ‘winter’ that we’re having feel like a Buffalo blizzard.
I listened to a song today that embodies much of what I am speaking of here: The Last Cowboy. Jamey Johnson pines for a time when real cowboys sang and performed on the stages across our country. John Wayne, Waylon Jennings, and the others mentioned in that song may not be your heroes or role models but we surely have our own and if we are not careful we choose an ideal that may or may not even be as ideal as we imagine it to be and we spend our time looking back.
Our prayer is not to be that we can return to a moment in history in which the world was more moral than it currently seems to be. Our prayer is to be, “Thy Kingdom Come.”
Our prayer is not to be that we choose between the ‘lesser of two evils’ when it comes to our abysmal political scene. Our prayer is to be, “On Earth as it is in Heaven.”
Our prayer is not to be that we sustain a lifestyle that most of the world cannot even begin to imagine. Our prayer is to be, “Give us this Day our Daily Bread.”
My challenge to you is if you are a believer in the One True God that you set your face towards the hills from where our help comes. If we don’t we’re just going to end up sounding like a sad country. Folks, don’t sound like a sad country song. We are made in the image of the Invisible God the One who says, “Call upon me in your day of trouble and I will hear you.”


And if you just like good ole sad country music click on the video and listen to Jamey


Published by Daniel M Harding

Husband, father, associate pastor.

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