Some thoughts – Coach Richt

Coach Richt

You know, I really thought I wouldn’t have much to say. To some degree I felt that I had already said all that I cared to say. Yet, somewhere in the corner of my mind, there is this unsettled feeling that I haven’t said it all – or haven’t said it as clearly as I would wish. Either way, a few more thoughts.
I have to admit that the first emotion was anger. Anger that once again a group of rich, spoiled brats were getting their way and that good, honest and decent people were suffering because of their selfish and unrestricted behavior. I helped treat my anger with some great decision making: I stayed off social media for a while and then when I did log on I spent the first 30 minutes unfollowing and unfriending. Yep, I didn’t unfriend and unfollow all but I did get rid of enough that I wasn’t prompted to respond to every ridiculous statement.
My second emotion was frustration. And then I was frustrated that I was frustrated. In fact, why was I even frustrated? Was my frustration aimed at the rich brats mentioned earlier or was it towards the folks who now found themselves missing a Facebook ‘friend’ or a Twitter ‘follower’? When it was all said and done I found that most of my frustration stemmed from the ‘us vs. them’ mentality that I had adopted and which seems to be the default attitude in western Christianity. That may have frustrated me the most.
Then, disappointment. Disappointed that we are so easily swayed by the measures of the culture that surrounds us. Disappointed that good people were hurting and disappointed that many might never have the opportunity that others have had because we JUST. CAN’T. BE. SATISFIED. Of all the emotions this is the one that hangs around longer than a sour BBQ sandwich – and stinks just as bad.
In the end, though, I find that I am hopeful. I am hopeful that all over the world that believers who operate and live publicly in front of their friends and families daily were encouraged and strengthened to press on as they saw someone in a very public position display the grace and mercy that we often speak of but find so difficult to rely upon. I am hopeful that the Spirit of God who dwells within every believer will be our source of truth. That our hope will be found in the person of Jesus Christ and his willful sacrifice on our part and the reality that you and I have a personal relationship with God will be the greatest joy in our lives. This reality will allow us face the real adversities in our lives and will make things like football to fall to the wayside of our lives.
This truth allows me to press on with the same expectation for my life as I have for Coach Richt’s life. No, I won’t be the next coach of Missouri and Miami probably won’t call, but I’m alive, God is alive and dwells within me – and greater things are yet to come.

Published by Daniel M Harding

Husband, father, associate pastor.

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