Is Our Focus on Winning Making Us a Bunch of Losers

I may write more on this in the upcoming weeks, so while my thoughts may branch out several times I won’t delve too deeply into certain areas. We are a culture that is obsessed with winning. Win at all costs. Win the Big One. Playing for One Game and on and on we could go. WeContinue reading “Is Our Focus on Winning Making Us a Bunch of Losers”

Will provide non-stop commentary of the game, with a heavy emphasis on Nick Marshall, Chris Davis and Tre Mason. Said commentator knows little about football, but this has never stopped him from talking about it with authority. Due to the inclement cold weather it is not permissible for me to place this young budding commentatorContinue reading

He Made Me Do It

“He made me do it, dad!” “Do you mean, son, that he made you hit him?” “Yes, sir.” “Well son, show me how exactly that he made you hit him. Did he hold your arm? Did he promise to break your favorite PowerRanger? How exactly did this happen?” “He looked at me wrong.” “He lookedContinue reading “He Made Me Do It”