Landon’s Call: Week 4 Matchups

#22 Texas A&M VS #1 Alabama

One of this weekends key match-ups is another battle of SEC West teams, but to be completely honest, I don’t think it’ll be close. Tua Tagovailoa has been nothing short of spectacular to this point, and Jerry Jeudy is leading Alabama’s young receiving core. Alabama looks to be the best team in the nation. A&M may have kept it close against Clemson, but that was at home, and Tuscaloosa is a completely different place.

Alabama- 45 Texas A&M- 17

#7 Stanford VS #20 Oregon

Gameday for week 4 puts two PAC-12 North teams against each other. Some people overlook the importance this game could hold. This could be a battle for the PAC-12 North, and really the PAC-12 as a whole, because the Southern division doesn’t look all to good. I think this game is decided by Stanford’s ability to run the football. Heisman hopeful Bryce Love returns from injury for this game and he could run wild. With enough luck if the winner of this game wins out, we could see a playoff dark horse come from the PAC-12.

Oregon- 31 Stanford- 24

#18 Wisconsin VS Iowa

A critical night game for the Big Ten. Wisconsin looks to rebound from a crazy upset and Iowa looks to keep on winning. The Big Ten has been tested a lot so far and they haven’t passed most of them, really they haven’t passed any of them. A night game, at Iowa, I just can’t see Wisconsin win after what happened last week.

Iowa- 24 Wisconsin- 10

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