Florida State’s Egg

I owe an apology to high school football all over this great country. During the torrid streak of nobody-knowing-anything-and-looking-generally-confused which was FSU football on Monday night, I had the following exchange on twitter.

Twitter capture

I’m sorry.

That was insulting.

FSU looked like an ill-prepared youth football team where they have played against an imaginary defense and now don’t know what to do when defenders are lined up against them. This was especially glaring, since Florida State’s defense was impressive, and looked prepared to play.

Seriously, who calls for an end-around pass on the first series of the game? Of course, it may not have been a pass but it sure looked like that’s what the receiver was anticipating. Are you that desperate that you resort to that kind of play calling?

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the low light of the night. I was most offended by the two punt defenders choosing to pretend they were play Red Rover – Red Rover, instead of blocking.

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Husband, father, associate pastor.

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