When $500K Looks Like Half A Million Dollars

I know, I know, they’re the same; unless of course, they’re different. Maybe in the next four minutes I can explain what I mean.

My family enjoys watching HGTV and their myriad of shows on flipping, renovating, and remodeling homes. Full disclosure, I consider myself one of my family. It is always interesting to see the various looks and effects that the designer and builders bring to each home.

As I was watching another tearful reveal last week the thought that you see in the title above went through my mind. Another couple was simply floored and overwhelmed by their $500K home. The home was awesome and the change from where it began was certainly a magnificent change, but folks, they spent HALF A MILLION DOLLARS. It should look overwhelming.

Now, I know that location, location, and location, are the prime points of interest in real estate; but the reality of what something CAN look like if you spend over $100K remodeling a home is fairly substantial. I’m sure this was an emotional moment for that couple as it would be for anyone who goes through a home remodel, but let me remind you that they spent HALF A MILLION DOLLARS.

Please do not mistake the CAPS for disagreement for how they spent their money, I simply want to point out a truth that I have observed in my life – we rarely keep track of how much we really spend. Accompanying that truth is a second – if we really knew what we spent we might expect a different result. Maybe if I bring it down to a personal illustration I can bring this point home.

Last week I went through the local house of Ronald and ordered a medium Iced Mocha. Please don’t judge me, but Elliano’s was not open yet. The cost of the drink was near $3. Now those of you who know me know that I will rarely correct a wrong order if it is my personal food. However, the young lady at the house of Ronald handed me a cup that was not a medium. I started to drive away and then I thought of the $3 and knocked on the sliding window and requested the larger size that I had originally ordered. The key to this was I KNEW what I had just spent and because I KNEW what I had spent my expectations were raised.

If you’re still reading this now becomes your story. How much am I “spending” in my spiritual life? How much am I “spending” in my family’s life?

To be really honest; how much am I “spending” on my personal entertainment? How much am I “spending” on ensuring that I get what I want in the circumstances at work, church, and in my community.

While I’ve never had $500K I must confess that I have acted shocked over HALF A MILLION DOLLARS when I shouldn’t have been – as I had seen every $ leave my pocket.

Published by Daniel M Harding

Husband, father, associate pastor.

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