A Short Story

I went somewhere today and I thought I would tell you the story. I often hear that if more good stories were told then more people would read them – so here’s my story. It’s really a simple story that is repeated week in and week out throughout the world although this particular story has a tiger, and you know; well, a tiger. 

It’s a story of a unique group of people, all of them different in their own way and each of them working with others because of Hope. So really it’s not my story but rather its the story of all of those people.

It’s the story of a bus driver who spent the night driving, but made sure he was at the event on time to cook hot dogs for everyone else. It’s the story of a couple of high school boys who spent their afternoon working together – although when the adults showed up it looked like they were just sitting around watching and it was the girls getting the glory for their time with kids. It’s the story of a guy who worked all week and then spent all night making sure tea glasses were full. It’s the story of a group of people who skipped their lunch or cut it short so that others would never have to think about one of the most necessary parts of this event. 

It’s the story of adults who were willing to act like kids so kids can understand what makes a great adult. It’s the story of the leader who drove back from vacation so he could experience this  event and did the sort of work that no one notices, or thinks about, unless it remains undone. It’s the story of people who loaded golf carts, made cupcakes and sandwiches, and invited friends to join them so they could experience the same friendship that they enjoy. 

It’s the story of a group of people coming together, loving each other, and knowing that there is One True Hope. Oh, and the tiger; well, while everyone else was on their way home there was a group of guys rolling him up and making sure that he was ready for the next time a group of kids wanted to jump on his belly. 

It’s a simple snapshot of the folks at Second Baptist Church, but it’s really a story of the transforming power of Jesus Christ. So, if you don’t have anywhere to be this Easter Sunday come and join us and hear The Story of The Resurrection which makes all of the above possible and if not with us find somewhere this truth is taught and continues to transform lives. 

Published by Daniel M Harding

Husband, father, associate pastor.

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