What Happens When I Think Facebook Really Cares

I’ll tell you how it’s going Facebook. This morning, just a few moments ago, while minding my own business, I was traumatized. Legitimately traumatized. You see, Facebook, I was playing Pandora – I’m sure you have heard of Pandora. The artist around whom the station was to be building was Over the Rhine.

You’ve never heard of them? Ok. Well, that’s probably to be expected. They are a husband-wife duo who met at a Quaker college.

Quaker? No, not an Oatmeal college, a Quaker college. No, no, they have nothing to do with the Aflac duck. I tell you what let’s leave the Quaker out of it for right now. Can I just tell you how I was traumatized?

Thanks. Now, this group will usually bring up artists such as Phil Whickam, Josh Garrels, Elenowen, and others. Some I’m not so fond of and others greatly interest me.

Anyways, you are distracting me. Let me get back to the trauma. While listening to music, reading, and otherwise enjoying the peace of the day a TAYLOR SWIFT song came on. Taylor Swift, yes that Taylor Swift. The one who makes me slam my head into the wall when I hear one of her songs. The one who cries over her guitar, cries over the teardrops on her guitar, cries over Romeo, cries over her daddy who doesn’t like Romeo, cries over flowers, cries over the fields which hold flowers, and possibly many, many more things.

Now, there are travesties in life. There certainly was a great travesty committed last night when Taylor’s aunt, Bouncey, was allowed to perform for the SuperBowl. However, this is not a normal travesty. This is something larger and it may have something to do with the peace signs that people are saying Aunt Bouncey was flashing last night.

Facebook, this certainly wasn’t your fault and I almost feel as if I should apologize for my rant. However, Pandora doesn’t ask me how I’m feeling and I had just opened this page and you asked me how I was, and all of these emotions just came bubbling to the surface.

Do? No, I don’t believe that you can “do” anything other than possibly calling Uncle Snopes and asking him if he can get to the bottom of a conspiracy that would put Taylor Swift on a station with Christian Folk/Indie artists.

By the way, thanks for asking, and I feel better now.


Published by Daniel M Harding

Husband, father, associate pastor.

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