Book Review: Has God Spoken

In, Has God Spoken, Hank Hanegraaff writes what he defines as “Proof of the Bible’s Divine Inspiration.” It is a great scholastic book. Hanegraaf uses an acrostic to set the tone from the beginning and stays believable while staying true to his acrostics. In fact, there is a total of five acrostics that set the outline for the book.
As noted, this is a book in which it’s focus is almost exclusively on empirical evidence. In this case, recovered manuscripts, secondary historians, and other items which can be measured and examined. Hanegraaf is thorough and his collection of the evidence gathered over the years does a great service for believers.
Throughout the book, Hanegraaff several other acrostics to comprehensively explain his view of the evidence. As an aside, the evidence for the veracity of Scripture is overwhelming and gives great fodder to those who engage in conversations with others concerning such a subject. Hanegraaf catalogues this in such a way that his book can be well used for future reference.  I commented last night on Facebook that mini Oreos just don’t compare with the real thing. Those who responded were able to do so because they had a base of understanding concerning what Oreos were and what they taste like. More importantly, the individuals have taste buds, and can therefore determine the differences. There is no substitute for the real thing when it comes to Oreos.
If you are looking for a book that will enable you to answer questions that you might have or to help teach someone who has been misled when it comes to the veracity of the manuscripts of Scripture then Hanegraaf’s book is a great place to start. If, however, you are looking for a book that functions as a a one-book commentary of Scripture then you may find yourself disappointed. I was able to receive mine from for agreeing to review the book. You can receive yours from,, or any other fine institution.

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