Daddy, thank God that I can laugh too: Amen.

I had a fun day yesterday. I know that it was Monday and many others did as well, so there probably isn’t anything unique about that fact. What was unique is what my 3yo decided to share with me while I was attempting to put her to bed. We were praying and thanking God forContinue reading “Daddy, thank God that I can laugh too: Amen.”

An Open Letter to My Calorie-Counting “Buddy”

Dear Calorie-Counting App: I am dismissing your services for the rest of the evening. For the sake of everyone involved – namely you – I feel that it would be best if a short period of time-out was invoked. I’m not saying that this is permanent, I just need a little “me” time. Your veryContinue reading “An Open Letter to My Calorie-Counting “Buddy””

Tantrums: Kids Acting Like Adults

If you have a child you have experienced temper tantrums. In fact, you may have even been embarrassed by your child’s tantrums: that is, unless you have children like mine that never throw tantrums. If you believe that last line then I would just remind you that everything that you read on the internet isn’tContinue reading “Tantrums: Kids Acting Like Adults”